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To VR or Not VR? Wait. Is that a question? Actually, not any more. It is VR for sure! Virtual Reality has had its fair share of false starts and missed opportunities over the past decade. The medium had been hampered with multiple barriers to entry (expensive / clunky head gear, costly software, limited content and poor distribution strategies).

But the game changer for VR has been the unfolding expansion of our daily digital life: from things we take for granted: the internet and our smartphones. Add to that, some very innovative 360 video / VR shooting configurations that have become much more accessible and approachable. Throw in some killer VR apps for Android and IOS users (as well as customized media players) and your brand is now extended into the next wave of essential digital communications.

As a result we have been seeing an increased interest in successful 360 video ads and VR video ad production. But there are not as many 360 video production companies or VR production companies. However, you’re in luck! Koncept VR is a full service agency that specializes in VR video commercial production, 360 video production and multiple forms of immersive content. We would love to partner with you for your next 360 video ad or your next VR video commercial production.

Launch of YouTube’s 360 Degree Video Ads

With the launch of YouTube’s 360 degree video ads, almost every business with a web presence will need to embrace 360 video commercial production. They cannot afford to sit out the wave of successful VR video ads. When Coca Cola marked the 100th anniversary of their first ever Coke bottle – their engaging 360 degree videos  ad aced out standard streaming ads by a whopping 36%.


So when forecasting advertising and or public relations dollars for your 2016 communications budget; the question now arises, how many dollars should go to 360 video ads production? Advertisers, corporate, entertainment, non-profit organizations, tourist destinations, museums, sport franchises – you name it; every entity that has a communications budget needs to create a new column in their spreadsheet for VR ads and 360 video ads production.

The production process is not the same as 2D. “VR Experiences” as they are known, are quite different.  Action is directed around the user – but without flashy graphics, quick cuts, stylized transitions and the like. A VR experience is more like transporting a user; whether you are in a hot air balloon, skiing in Vail, or scuba diving off the great barrier reef. The user decides the action by responding to the experience and when they look in different directions they see certain actions. They could watch an experience again another five times and never see it the same way.

At Koncept VR and Freedom 360, we have been at the forefront of the new VR revolution. We invented the very gear that many VR shooters buy or rent. We have innovative stitching techniques that merge all six camera angles into one fluid 360 degree video. We have developed shooting styles and standards that the industry has been following. We have produced many successful VR experiences, including one for a major luxury car brand. And soon we will be literally going to the edge of space.

VR and 360 commercial production is here to stay (and grow). What VR experiences are you tasked with bringing to life? We are ready and waiting to assist you!

If you are interested in the production of 360 video ads, please contact us at [email protected]

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