Virtual Reality Services

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality can create an impact that lasts even after the experience has ended. The viewer is instantaneously transported to new real or imagined places. Putting on a head-mounted display (HMD) removes all distractions and therefore directs full attention to the subject matter. Total focus and a feeling of being there (“presence”) elicits a strong emotional response from the viewer and stimulates memory formation. For that reason VR experiences are often used to evoke empathy or as a highly effective training tool.

When to use VR

VR is an exceptional tool for reaching an audience by providing a unique perspective, one that evokes empathy in the viewer. This effect can be used to train employees in soft skills and interpersonal communication, increase stress resilience, or to emotionally engage the viewer in supporting a cause.

In addition, VR provides an accurate sense of the dimensions of real-world spaces. Increasingly, archaeologists and curators are relying on VR to bring new audiences in touch with heritage projects whose locations are critical elements of important cultural stories.

VR Development

VR is all about entering a new reality. This world can be one of your own imagination or a faithful recreation of the real world.

The technical tools to create such a rich world can include 360 video, photogrammetry, CG-modeled 3D assets and 3D spaces or volumetric captures.

But the most critical component required to make a VR world believable is powerful storytelling.

Knowing the techniques involved in bringing a world to life is useless unless you’re also skilled in guiding a viewer inside. We have deep expertise in both aspects of VR development.

VR Deployment

Oculus Go, Quest, or Rift S? HTC Vive Cosmos, Pro, or Focus? Or something else entirely?

These important questions—together with which VR player to use and where to host your VR content—are only a few of the ones that you will have to consider when deploying a VR campaign.

Others include specific project requirements and the purpose of the VR experience: is this a special event featuring a synchronized viewing for an audience of 100 or more? A B2B or B2C sales tool? A VR experience for a tradeshow or pop-up event?

Whatever your goals for an immersive campaign, we will help you sift through the options and make the most informed and effective choices possible.