Client: Condé Nast Traveler, Aruba Tourism Board


In an ongoing collaboration with the team at Conde Nast Traveler, Koncept VR had the pleasure of accompanying them on a week-long expedition around the beautiful island of Aruba. The intention was to somehow capture the unique connection of nature and culture that gives Aruba its world-renowned charm.Our approach was to follow the journeys of two couples: one revisiting their favorite spots in Aruba and one experiencing the island for the first time. The result is a story of history and exploration, told by natives and newcomers alike as the viewer travels with them onto jet skis and paddle boards, over beaches and dunes, through butterfly gardens and bars, and finally into restaurants like the Flying Fishbone, whose beachside table service gives each one of its guests a wildly unmatched sunset view.
The two videos were used as part of Conde Nast’s comprehensive must-see travel guide for Aruba; a guide that will ultimately serve as a stunning dream board for both first-time and veteran travelers planning their next excursion.
After a successful shoot in this tropical oasis, our team can wholeheartedly attest that this “Happy Island” is certainly worth a visit. From its world-class beaches to its incredible food and water-sports, Aruba is truly a feast for the eyes and soul.

Since 2016, Koncept VR has been collaborating with Condé Nast on the creative planning, production and distribution of 360 content.