Client: GQ

In conjunction with GQ’s first ever digital cover, Koncept VR went behind-the-scenes of the Philly photo shoot to capture NBA star Joel Embiid in 360° action. Contacted on short notice by our long-time partners at Conde Nast, we quickly mobilized. With the cover’s live date only three weeks away, our entire team had to perform flawlessly to create this 360º video.
The resulting video offers a unique immersion into the NBA world. The viewer is placed right into the middle of the action, allowing them to get up close and personal with “The Process” as he shoots, scores, and tears up the court and photographers snap away. Then, in a more laid-back fashion, the true 76er experience finishes with a group selfie on a Google Pixel 3.
For both hardcore basketball fans and fresh faces to the stands, this 360° video offers a thrilling and intimate perspective on a well-known sport.


In addition to the 360º video, we created several supplemental assets to use across social as well as traditional media channels. These reality- and mind-bending “reframes,” which varied in length and format, were edits purpose-built for digital marketing. In an ever-progressing marketing culture, reframes extend the scope of an immersive media experience into whole new realms: Reframes were used on GQ’s Facebook and Instagram pages to promote the 360 experience.For a digital article meant to portray the dynamic life and character of Joel Embiid, a complete digital package of reframes, selfies, and 360° video only seems fitting. To dive even deeper into Joel Embiid’s story, “a story crazy enough to warp the dimensions of possibility,” be sure to check out the full article on GQ’s website below.

GQ – Joel Embiid Digital Cover