Client: Concentric Health Experience

The Project

In 2019, Koncept VR had the pleasure to create a VR experience for one of the pharmaceutical clients of Concentric Health Experience (CHX), a NYC agency. The objective was to demonstrate to health care professionals how a patient with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) would use the client’s combination product with minimal interruptions to their daily routine. The experience would be showcased using a custom app provided by a third party.

Script, Storyboards, Scouting

First, we transformed the approved script to a VR script and storyboard. We balanced the informational aspects and an engaging storyline by providing viewers space to explore while also be able to absorb the message. Moreover, we were collaborating with CHX on moving the script and functional storyboards through client approval.
In the meantime, Rachel Wheelan, one of our trusted producers, took care of assembling a top-notch crew for the set in Brooklyn.
In addition to the common set requirements such as indoor and outdoor spaces, we had to make sure all rooms were suitable for 360 video shooting. Luckily, we found all our needs met in the video-production friendly Big Brooklyn House.

On Location

All in all, we spent two days rehearsing and two days filming in this beautiful house. Of particular concern for the client was the accuracy of the dialogue as well as the correct handling of the COPD device. For that purpose a client was able to watch instant replays in addition to the live feed while staying out of sight of the 360 camera.
One scene posed a particular challenge: a 5-minute long one taker with device handling, dialogue, monologues and various actions. In fact, unable to obtain a satisfactory take on the first day we tackled it again the next day. With some schedule adjustments, the scene was in the can first thing in the morning. Despite this , the shoot wrapped on time.

Final Touches

With ample preparation during pre-production, the post-production went smoothly. Final Assets hand-off to CHX and the app developers happened smoothly via file sharing and rigorous version-control.
This VR experience was not only used during private meeting with healthcare professionals but also at conferences to showcasing the ease of use of the COPD product.

CHX Senior Integrated Digital Producer
CHX Account Supervisor
CHX SVP, Account Director
CHX SVP, Group Creative Director

DP/Exec. Producer
Production Supervisor
Assistant Director
Sound Mix

Post Production

Augustine Braddock

Casey Griffin
Maggie Lyons
Jim Lolis

Joergen Geerds
Uli Futschik
Rachel Whelan
Avi Saban
Robin Jane
Jason Mascheri
Laura Laidlaw
Denise Barbarita

Jason Mascheri
Joergen Geerds
Uli Futschik