Client: BrightFarms

Bright Farms connected with us, looking to show the world how their sustainable, low-impact greenhouses allow them to supply supermarkets with fresh, clean, and delicious local produce on a year-round basis.
Focusing on their Culpeper County Virginia facility, our teams aimed to reveal a unique, behind-the-scenes look into the community of growers and farmers powering production, as well as the indoor and outdoor structure of the facility itself—all of which play crucial roles in achieving a successful harvest. In order to properly depict such a vast picture, we integrated the use of a drone and wire camera into our production. With this new perspective, viewers can fully take in the rows of microgreens and herbs that make up the greenhouse.
After expedited post-production to accommodate an Earth Day rollout, our 360 video was recognized by NOWthis for giving special needs students in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the chance to experience Bright Farms’ greenhouse tour through a “virtual field trip.” The students were able to cognitively connect to the farm, feeling as if they were there in person, which was ultimately the goal of our project. By extending the opportunity to learn about Bright Farms through an accessible and immersive experience, “Our House” welcomes viewers of all ages to step inside the greenhouse and look to the future of local, sustainable farming