Client: American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA)

In September, 2017, the destruction Hurricane Maria caused displaced thousands of animals on St. Croix, separating them from their families and homes. Luckily for them, the ASPCA leapt into action, sending in teams specialized in search and rescue, rehabilitation, and reunification.
With only two weeks to prep for the shoot, Koncept VR captured this inspiring process, documenting the daily care and individual attention each animal was given during the ASPCA’s multifaceted disaster relief effort on the island.
Because of Hurricane Maria’s heavy impact on the Virgin Islands, linemen from the mainland were still connecting residents back to the grid three months after landfall. The KVR team was able to make an extensive first hand documentation of the Field Investigations and Response (FIR) emergency shelter and ASPCA’s rescue procedures: these included the intake of animals, medical treatment, daily care, behavioral enrichment and modification, reunification of animals with their families, and relocation when necessary.
The videos that resulted from this striking footage carry a message that holds clear importance to the ASPCA. Scenes detail their collective drive to nurture and enrich animals’ individual needs, revealing the diligence that goes into reuniting animals with their families. These tender scenes reinforce what the ASPCA and we know to be true: “Animals are such an important part of our family that we would do anything to rescue them.”
Paired with the visuals of Hurricane Maria’s effect on animals, humans, and the landscape alike, the ASPCA’s unique compassion makes for a 360° experience that is tangible to the viewer on a visceral,  emotional level.