Tahj Mowry on VR in 360 Video

Tahj Mowry on VR in 360 Video

Date: January 21, 2017


Posted by: Jason Mascheri



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Clients: PepsiCo, Mashable

Partnering up with the good folks over at Mashable Studios & PepsiCo, Koncept VR created a 360-degree video for their pilot episode of “Innovation Download”. Hosted by Actor-Singer Taj Mowry, the series takes viewers across the country in search of all the new places where technology and innovation converge. Shot at the Mashable headquarters in NYC, our Head of Production Alex Chechelnitsky teamed up with Mashable’s in-house director to shoot the production in both 2D and 360 simultaneously.


Producer: Mashable

Edit: Mashable

Filming: Koncept VR

360 Post Production: Koncept VR


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