T.J. Wilcox: ‘In The Air’ - Panoramic Film Projection

T.J. Wilcox: ‘In The Air’ – Panoramic Film Projection

Date: June 24, 2015

Client: T.J. Wilcox

Posted by: Jason Mascheri



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Art Installation

Client: T.J. Wilcox

Freedom360 & Koncept VR assisted T.J. Wilcox in producing a unique piece of art installation for his show ‘In the Air’ at the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York. This was made doubly special by being the last show before the Whitney closed and moved to its new location in the Meatpacking District.

Joergen Geerds, founder of Freedom360 and Creative Director at Koncept VR with his artistic, panoramic and technological background was a perfect match for T. J.’s project. The installation at the Whitney consisted of a cylindrical projection screen suspended from the ceiling with 10 meter in diameter and a height of 2.5m. The background film is a 35min time lapse of the NYC skyline from the roof of T. J. Wilcox’s atelier at Union Square. Six short stories about events and characters of the city are overlaid on top of the time lapse. The background time lapse is probably the largest and most expansive 360 time lapse created up to this point in 2013. The 35 minutes are compressed from shooting 17 hours in August, from pre dawn to post dusk, one frame every second, resulting in more than 60000 frames in total.

In order to get good time lapse material for this project, Joergen Geerds used a Freedom360 mount in the 5X configuration, with 5 GoPro Hero3 Black cameras. Four cameras were roughly pointing North-East-West-South, and one camera was pointing up. This enabled us to create perfect hemispherical images with plenty of resolution (12000x4400px, or about 50 megapixel), running smoothly at 30 frames per second. The ‘In The Air’ installation used only a small section from the central part of the time lapse to accommodate the 2.5m high powered by 10 projectors.

As one can imagine, a project of this size, magnitude and quality rarely goes without a hitch. In this case there were four false starts in July, where the weather in New York City simply wasn’t cooperating: too many clouds, not enough clouds, sudden rain, excessive heat etc. But finally in early August the perfect day came around: perfect clouds, not too many, not too few, and beautiful summer weather. The shoot of the time lapse started at around 4.30AM. Every 90 minutes the memory cards needed to be switched. While the day was progressing cute clouds moved across the sky, the weather held and at 9:30PM it was a wrap.




We were extremely happy that we collaborated with T. J. Wilcox on this project, and it has been getting great reviews.


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