Room to Breathe

Room to Breathe

Date: March 10, 2020

Client: Concentric Health Experience

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Clients: Concentric Health Experience

The Project

In 2019, Koncept VR had the pleasure to be approached by Concentric Health Experience (CHX) to create a VR experience for one of their pharmaceutical clients. The objective was to demonstrate to health care professionals how a patient with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) would use the client’s combination product with minimal interruptions to their daily routine. The experience would be showcased using a custom app provided by a third party.


Script, Storyboards, Scouting, …

As this was a pharma VR experience, there were some additional rules and regulations to be followed. However, we were accustomed to similar procedures and requirements from experiences with previous clients in the pharmaceutical industry. Hence, the increased complexity did not discourage us at all.


For example, it was crucial that we retained a long list of Important Safety Information (ISI), pharmaceutical specific language and requirements. Thus, we started transforming the approved script to a VR script and storyboard. During the more informational segments of the VR experience, we made sure that the viewer had something to explore in the 360 space without being distracted. Overall, we aimed to offset the technical aspects by contributing to creative and original ideas. With this in mind, we were collaborating with Concentric Health Experience on moving the script and functional storyboards towards client approval.


In the meantime, Rachel Wheelan, one of our trusted producers, took care of pre-production and assembling a top-notch crew for the set in Brooklyn. The agency, Concentric Health Experience, handled all the casting for the family members, with the exception of the family dog, which KVR took care of.


Since the script included a variety of scenes of home life, we needed a total of seven different sets including indoor and outdoor spaces. In addition, we had to make sure that every room on set was suitable for 360 video shooting. Luckily, we found all the needed sets and rooms (space for HMU, a production office, staging area, a room for our child talent, video village, catering) in the video-production friendly Big Brooklyn House. After a constructive scout with the agency, the client settled on the location.



On Location

All in all, we spent two days rehearsing and two days filming in this beautiful house. The rehearsal days were also used by the crew to set up props and decorate the rooms. The DP, Uli Futschik, planned ahead the lighting for each scene, taking eventualities in the schedule into consideration. The grip team was spot on making the complexities of lighting for 360 a reality.


One of the most important places, the nerve center, was the video village. The pharmaceutical client, staff from Concentric Health Experience, including the writer, and scripty were able to observe the performances live on a big screen as the 360 was filmed. Instant replay was critical to provide feedback about the accuracy of the dialogue as well as the correct handling of the COPD device back to the director, Joergen Geerds.


We tackled the most complex scene – a 5-minute oner with the demonstration of the device’s functionality and cleaning as well as accompanying dialogue and action – early on. However, the light vanished before we were able to get the performance in the can with all the necessary parts. The next day’s schedule got adjusted to finish this very complex scene in the morning, leaving enough time for the remaining scenes, including the night bedroom scene. We were able to pack out and wrap on time. A celebratory drink was had before everyone went their own way for the night.



Final Touches

With ample preparation during pre-production, the post-production went smoothly. Feedback and changes were minimal and we easily kept to the review schedule established by CHX. All scenes, together with graphic elements comp’d into the 360, were submitted to CHX ready to be implemented into the custom application.


Final Assets hand-off to CHX and the developers happened smoothly via file sharing and rigorous version-control. The experience was subsequently used to showcase the ease of use of the COPD product to healthcare professionals in private settings and conferences.

Director: Joergen Geerds

DP/Exec. Producer: Uli Futschik

Producer: Rachel Whelan

Production Supervisor: Avi Saban

Assistant Director: Robin Jane

DIT: Jason Mascheri

Sound: Laura Laidlaw

Post Production: Jason Mascheri, Joergen Geerds, Uli Futschik

Sound Mix: Denise Barbarita

CHX Senior Integrated Digital Producer: Augustine Braddock

CHX Account Supervisor: Casey Griffin

CHX SVP, Account Director: Maggie Lyons

CHX SVP, Group Creative Director: Jim Lolis



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