Cavit Wines - 360 Video Experience

Cavit Wines – 360 Video Experience

Date: April 25, 2017

Client: Palm Bay international, Cavit Wines

Posted by: Jason Mascheri


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Clients: Palm Bay international / Cavit Wines

Agency 212 reached out to Koncept VR to bring the lush world of Cavit Wines’ family vineyard directly to merchants and consumers. Located in beautiful Trentino, Northern Italy, our clients wanted to capture the passion and innovation that goes into their sustainable viticulture.

From the get go, the deadline was tight as we were presented with the unique challenge of filming at harvest. Working with the same urgency as the pickers themselves, we showcased the most exhilarating time for the winemakers; when grapes are harvested, tested for quality, and transformed into wines.


Cavit also wanted to tell the story of their dedication to minimizing their impact on the environment by implementing water management techniques and using solar energy.


The end result was a 360 video that allowed merchants at trade shows to experience an intimate glimpse of the world of Cavit winemaking—a unique blend of traditional and innovative techniques—that produces some of the finest wines in the world.


Creative Development: Koncept VR

Production: Koncept VR

Post Production: Koncept VR

Original Score: Roman Rojas

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