ALADDIN "Friend Like Me" 360

ALADDIN “Friend Like Me” 360

Date: August 23, 2019

Client: Disney Theatrical Group

Posted by: Jason Mascheri




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Client: Disney Theatrical Group

Disney Theatrical Productions reached out to Koncept VR with a challenge: to create a new kind of 360° experience to showcase the hit Broadway musical, Aladdin. Our goal was to do something unique, going beyond what’s already been seen in 360° Broadway videos—we wanted to champion the showmakers!

That mission led to the development of animations that not only shared information about the production, but also encouraged the viewer to look all around during the performance. Spectacular visual cues were added to lead the viewer’s gaze… Any given moment could reveal a delightful surprise.

The final video allows a glimpse behind the curtain of the show-stopping “Friend Like Me” in a way that has never been experienced before. Aside from being excellent performers, the entire cast and crew of Aladdin were an absolute joy to work with. Sincerest gratitude to all those involved and Disney Theatrical Productions for inviting us to add to the magic.


Director / DP: Joergen Geerds

Producer / 1st AD: Uli Futschik

Camera: Ignacio Ferrando Margelí

Executive Producer: Max Bolotov

Art Director: Alvin Ho Young

Account Manager: Kelly Holleman

Post Supervisor: Alex Chechelnitsky

Senior VFX Artist: Judith Samper

VFX Artist: Jason Mascheri

Sound: Chapter 4

Colorist: Matthew Bowman

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