The Happiest Places on Earth

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Agency: 23 Stories
Client: Condé Nast Traveler

Condé Nast Traveler’s campaign, “The Joy Index: 10 Happiest Places on Earth”, needed to showcase two destinations – Shanghai, China and St. John’s in Newfoundland, Canada – using the splendor of 360 VR. Sponsored by Bank of America, we got a chance to explore these exciting locales handpicked by “happiness experts” Gretchen Rubin and Shawn Achor.

Working within a travel campaign was both exhilarating and challenging as the activities identified were as very diverse both in nature and in relative distance to each other. Having to climb up to a vantage point shooting 24,000 migrating birds and then taking a boat out to an up close and personal view of an iceberg are not for the feint of heart!

9 Ways to Find Joy in Newfoundland
On the edge of North America is a place of awesome natural beauty. Situated on spectacular rocky shores, Newfoundland is home to incredible wildlife migrations, exhilarating iceberg views and the breathtaking views of the stunning coastal terrain.

9 Ways to Find Joy in Shanghai
Journey through Shanghai, a magical city that combines ancient cultural rites with dazzling modern world wonders. there’s so much to discover, from morning Tai Chi on the Bund, to drifting through the canal city of Zhujiajiao to the Michelin-rated cuisine of Ultraviolet.

Seeing the 360 videos coupled with the panoramic photos and eloquently written article by Cassie Shortsleeve was immensely satisfying for our team. We played a part in articulating a wonderful idea in a best-in-class manner.



Since 2016, Koncept VR has been collaborating with Condé Nast on the creative planning, production and distribution of 360 content. The Joy Index provided a definitive ranking of the happiest travel destinations for 2017, showcased in an exciting, immersive way. Explore the whole campaign here:



Editorial: Condé Nast Traveler
Production Company: Koncept VR

Directors: Joergen Geerds & Uli Fustchik
Executive Producer: Max Bolotov


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