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Omaha Beach VR

Three veterans share their personal stories from D-Day when they were young, inexperienced soldiers and sailors heading for Omaha Beach.

Follow the stories of Hal Baumgarten, Richard Fazzio and Don McCarthy. The young, inexperienced soldiers and sailors were part of the Allied Invasion Forces on D-Day, June 6, 1944. They were headed for Omaha Beach, the scene of the Allies hardest-won beachhead in Normandy. The landings on the French beaches were the first step of the Allied Forces defeating Hitler’s armies.

360 Historical Documentary

Release Date: April 30th,  2021
Runtime: 19 min

16 million Americans served in World War II. Now, 76 years after the end of the war, the veteran population is rapidly dwindling. Less than 300,000 are still alive. And they are well into their nineties. Eventually the memories of the Greatest Generation, as Tom Brakow called them, will vanish with them.

However, several organizations and individuals made it their mission to preserve as many stories as they can. Notably the World War II Foundation is such an organization. Tim Gray, its founder and director, interviewed countless veterans.

Over the years, he collected personal stories from veterans that served in the Pacific and in Europe. This resulted in more than 25 films which are freely available for schools and educators.

To reach new audiences, Tim Gray decided to jump into VR in 2020. After some introductory talks between him, Joegen Geerds and Uli Futschik, Koncept VR created the 360/ VR experience about D-Day on Omaha Beach, the first in a series.

Previous Screenings

Melbourne Documentary Film Festival
Online: July 1 -31, 2022
In Cinema: July 21 -31, 2022
Melbourne, Australia
No Upcoming Screenings

Directed, Written and Edited by   Uli Futschik
Executive Producer   Tim Gray
Producer   Joergen Geerds

360 Camera   Ignacio Ferrando Margeli
Edited and Mastered   Koncept VR
Graphics and Animations   Koncept VR
Sound Design and Mix   Denise Barbarita,
                                           MONOLisa Studios
Illustrations by   Chiara Masiero Sgrinzatto
Narrated by   Bradley Hyland
Narration Recorder at American Voice Power

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