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360 Video & VR Applications

If your product or service relies on visual presentation, it can be enhanced by adding the element of immersion with a 360° Video. Koncept VR will work with you to develop exactly the right experience for your viewers. We have a long list of satisfied clients in numerous industries that have benefited from our extensive history as a pioneer of 360 video production.

Trade Shows

If you regularly present at trade shows or conventions, you know that there’s stiff competition for the attention of participants on the floor. VR presentations are novel enough to grab the attention of potential customers, giving you the opportunity to astound them with professionally produced content that allows them to experience your product or service first-hand, in an unchained 3-dimensional environment.

Advertising, Experiential Marketing, and Promotion

At Koncept VR, we understand story.  Unlike traditional video production, virtual reality allows the viewer compete freedom in an immersive environment.  It takes skill to guide them through the world you’ve created, and lead them to a take-away message that’s more powerful than anything you can tell them.  Virtual Reality is poised to revolutionize the way that companies market.  By breaking ground now, your business, product, or service can capitalize on the advantages of early adoption.

Tours and Tourism

What better way to introduce a customer to a place than to immerse them in the environment using VR technology? Create an appetite for discovery by giving them a taste of the experience in advance. If your business offers tours, or you have a resort or other recreational property, your customer can book a visit without feeling like they’re going in “sight unseen”. Location-centric travel companies have an unprecedented opportunity to show off their knowledge of the locations that potential customers are planning to visit, giving them a distinct advantage over their competitors.

Therapy and Rehabilitation

Virtual Reality has many uses in the medical world.  Realistic simulations can provide a real benefit for patients who need to build confidence in a risk-free environment.  Without leaving the safety of home or the doctor’s office, patients can be placed in realistic situations that can help them overcome fears and practice coping strategies to help them deal with phobias, the results of psychological trauma, and other problems.


Sometimes, it’s not practical to do something in the real world – a trip to a particular location is too expensive, a science experiment too dangerous, or for some reason travel is impossible. Virtual Reality is really the next best thing to being there. With Koncept VR’s 360 video productions, learners can be given the best possible access to places, people, facilities, and events that they would be otherwise unable to experience for themselves.

Brand Recognition and Audience Interaction

VR is different from other presentation formats.  When employed correctly, the experience is so far removed from conventional video production that it’s sure to be remembered by the participant.  If you craft your immersive content properly, your “message” will be more clearly received by the subject, which will result in better recall and translate to your bottom line.

The Applications are Endless

360° video production, when combined with the technology to show it in an immersive way, is a game-changer.  In a technological advance that is as big as the advent of the first “talkies” and the introduction of color to motion pictures, VR experiences are going to change the way the world absorbs video.  At Koncept VR, we’re eager to offer our expertise in production, and our experience in creation, to help you and your creative team get the results you’re looking for.

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