Orion Spacecraft – A 360º Video Journey

Read about the Orion spacecraft and its 360 video journey

On February 1st at Kennedy Space Center, Koncept VR had the rare opportunity to film the landing of NASA’s Jumbo jet, the “Super Guppy” in 360. The Super Guppy is by no means your typical aircraft with a 156 ft wingspan, it’s 143 ft long and 37 ft tall. It can carry a payload over 52,500lbs at 290 mph up to 564 miles. Viewing it in 360 (especially in VR) allows one to really transport themselves next to this enormous vehicle. However, it was what was inside the Super Guppy that is of particular importance, the pressure vessel for the Orion spacecraft selected to carry out Exploration Mission 1 (EM-1). Read more

NAB 2016 – Show Highlights

This year’s trip to NAB in Las Vegas was a huge success! We were thrilled to see other leaders in the Virtual Reality industry while showcasing some of our recent work. Our video of Rocket Launch 360 was the real centerpiece of our demo for the week and we were so excited by the response it received. Attendants and participants alike were lining up to virtually stand 250 feet from the rocket flames, a spectacle brought to life by incorporating the SubPac into the experience: Read more

Koncept VR at The 2016 NAB Show @ Booth #N8826!

Koncept VR at The 2016 NAB Show @ Booth #N8826!

Koncept VR, Freedom360 and Vector Mount are proud to be hosting a booth at NAB in Las Vegas this year. NAB will be held at the Las Vegas Convention center April 16th through the 21st. We are thrilled to be showcasing some incredible new work from Koncept VR, including rocket launches, underwater swimming among sharks, riding in the passenger seat with Jay Leno, and even standing center stage alongside the Broadway cast of The Lion King. In addition to the beautiful VR demos we have to show, there will also be opportunity to hear some great presentation from leaders in the VR industry and we invite everyone to come by (schedule for talks below).  We will also be displaying all the great Freedom360 and Vector Mount gear such as our 360 video mount systems and their wide array of accessories. Read more

Koncept VR | Freedom360 joins Kaleidoscope VR Film Festival as a Bronze Sponsor

Koncept VR | Freedom360 is proud to announce that we will join the Kaleidoscope VR Film Festival  as a Bronze Sponsor in New York this year. The event will take place on October 6th at the event venue 26 Bridge located at 26 Bridge St in Brooklyn, New York. We will showcase some new VR demos and talk about live action VR and its growing popularity among the masses. We will also display all the great Freedom360 gear such as our 360 video mount systems and all the accessories at our booth. Read more

YouTube’s 360 video ads Launch Changes the Ad Game

To VR or Not VR? Wait. Is that a question? Actually, not any more. It is VR for sure! Virtual Reality has had its fair share of false starts and missed opportunities over the past decade. The medium had been hampered with multiple barriers to entry (expensive / clunky head gear, costly software, limited content and poor distribution strategies).

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How Can You Use 360 Video & VR?

360 Video & VR Applications

If your product or service relies on visual presentation, it can be enhanced by adding the element of immersion with a 360° Video. Koncept VR will work with you to develop exactly the right experience for your viewers. We have a long list of satisfied clients in numerous industries that have benefited from our extensive history as a pioneer of 360 video production. Read more

Koncept VR Joins Freedom360 to Provide Fully Integrated VR and 360 Video Services

Freedom360* has purchased Koncept VR** to form a full-service production agency for virtual reality (VR) and 360-degree video. As a subsidiary of Freedom360, Koncept VR offers creative agencies and their clients a comprehensive range of services in harnessing the tremendous present and future potentials of VR and 360 video.

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