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koncept vr in nyc
We Work Around The World
More than 10 years Experience
Exceptional 360/VR Knowledge
Passion for Storytelling

Koncept VR is a New York-based agency that excels in the development, production, and distribution of immersive content, including 360, VR, and AR.

We have an exceptional understanding of the immersive space. Our more than 10 years of expertise covers everything from panoramic photography to 360º video, VR, and AR experiences. With our unique style and dedication to storytelling, we create concept-driven and transformative work that is unparalleled in the category.

We are creatives, filmmakers, writers, producers, and a bunch of nerds whose sole mission is to provide the best immersive (360º, VR, AR) stories possible.

Mastering the most recent technologies, we deliver engaging experiences for our customers. We are committed to a gold standard of creative integrity and professionalism. Our roster of clients includes Google, The New York Times, Condé Nast Traveler, World Vision, The World War II Foundation and The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA).

Customer Testimonials

Our Clients

Tom Costanza
Video Creative Director, World Vision
Koncept VR is a full-service virtual reality production company. I’ve traveled and filmed with them in Mexico, Honduras, Zambia and Kenya and they have never failed to deliver our viewers a compelling VR experience. They have the knowledge, the expertise and the state-of-the-art equipment to capture 360-degree video wherever the story calls for it. As Video Creative Director for World Vision, an international relief and development organization, I’m always looking for a new look. A new angle. A new way to draw in and motivate our donors. In Koncept, I’ve found a partner as willing to innovate and experiment as I am. They’ve been willing to hop a migrant train in Mexico (called “the Beast” by other riders,) perch on the edge of Victoria Falls, and cling to a mountainside in rural Kenya, all to get perspectives that really put the reality into the virtual experience. At World Vision, we seek to bring our donors as close to the work as possible. Through our partnership with Koncept we’ve produced Defying the Beast, Cheru’s Story and Beatrice’s Freedom, three virtual reality videos that transport people in a way that nothing short of going there can. We’re looking forward to a long and fruitful partnership.
Dana Kravis
Director, Branded Content Activation, Condé Nast
As Director of Branded Content Activation at Condé Nast, I have had the opportunity to work with Koncept VR on a variety of projects including shoots for Aruba Tourism, Cayman Islands Tourism and Fort Myers Tourism. In my experience with Koncept on all these projects they have been incredible partners, offering top quality video production, creative insight and technical expertise. The final result has consistently been videos that we are incredible proud of and that have more than met client expectations.
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