360 Video & VR Deployment

In the immersive space, deployment is a crucial component to your project’s success. Technology is evolving exponentially and with it comes many different ways we can consume our content. Whether you are creating a social media campaign or a 4D VR experience for a site activation we have you covered. We consult on best practices as well as the most cost effective way to deploy your content.

Based on several factors such as how and where your target audience consumes content, throughput and reach, demographic and the core strategic goal of the immersive experience, we devise a distribution strategy to optimize impact.


Experience Immersive Content

HMDs offer unparalleled potential for full immersion and undivided focus.

Phones and Tablets provide a wide audience reach. Phones could be paired with HMDs such as Google Cardboard.

Desktop Computers offer high scalability as well as a well defined non-public space to engage the audience.

Projections, such as dome and video wall installations, are great to experience 360 video as a group.