Koncept VR

The Immersive Content Studio

  • We provide end-to-end services for spatial computing, 360 video production, Virtual Tours and Virtual Reality (VR) projects.
  • Our focus is on telling stories that break down walls and captivate viewers in entirely new ways.
  • We specialize in the development, production, and distribution of immersive content. We work worldwide, filming in studios, on sets, and remote locations.
  • As the inventors of the  first fully spherical video camera rig, we have created hundreds of successful immersive experiences for our clients.
  • With more than 12 years of experience, we create concept-driven and transformative work through our vast expertise of leading-edge technology, and mastery of creative, immersive storytelling.
  • We are dedicated to crafting narratives that not only engage and captivate the audience but also leave a lasting impact. ​​We prioritize the human element within each story, intertwining the unique features of the immersive medium to bring narratives to life. We venture to ignite the audience’s imagination transporting them to fantastical realms that transcend the boundaries of the ordinary.By embracing a spirit of rigorous exploration and diligent research, we aspire not only to meet but to surpass expectations.
  • The Meta Three Camera, boasting a 12.5k resolution, serves as our primary tool for capturing high-quality 360-degree content in ProRes 422. In addition to this powerhouse, we utilize a variety of cameras ranging from the Blackmagic Design URSA Cine 12k camera (paired with an Entaniya HAL 250 lens), to action-camera-style 360 cameras, or even custom-built systems tailored to specific project requirements.
  • Our projects are accessible through a multitude of platforms and devices. They can be experienced through immersive headsets like the Apple Vision Pro or Meta Quest 2/3/Pro, displayed on large-scale surfaces such as walls and domes, or enjoyed on the go via mobile phones or laptop/desktop computers.
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From the Press

“This unique piece of 360 content pushes the bounds of how VR can act as an entertainment and educational piece and expands upon the magic of Aladdin on Broadway.”


Audience Engagement

The Joy Index:
• Over 25M video views
• 850k views to CN Hub
• 6M Facebook social impressions
• 106% boost in Bank of America Rewards Card consideration


Website Traffic

School of Rock:
550% spike in show’s website traffic during launch week



300% increase in response rate during fundraising event