360 Video, Little Planet Projection

Client: Total Wireless

Agency: Classitech

Koncept VR flew to Southern California to develop two commercial video spots for Classitech’s client, Total Wireless. This project is a great example of how 360 degree video can be used as a 2D advertising tool (similar to our work with Andrew Lloyd Weber for School of Rock) while also providing a unique and interesting way to engage with your audience.


Classitech – Production & Post-production
Koncept VR – 360 Production, Fine-stitching & Consultation

This shoot really allowed our team to tap into its professional background in panoramic photography, an expertise that was critical in helping to recommend the best orientation of the cast throughout the commercial and ensure that the “little planet” images and general panoramas would present as the client envisioned for the final product. We consulted throughout the entire process, and worked as the DP, grip, and technical leads on the shoot, as well as, fine-stitching and fine-tuning of the panoramas in post-production. Showing the broad range of ways that 360 video can be utilized is always an exciting new challenge and this project was no exception.

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