VR Journalism

Partner: The New York Times
In collaboration with The New York Times & their Virtual Reality Editor Jenna Pirog, Koncept VR provided in-house, creative editing and post-production for their 360° piece “How I Became a Laughter Yoga Photographer”. We follow renowned photographer Alec Soth as he travels to Bangalore, India, on a quest to capture portraits of laughter and happiness. The piece opens with Dr. Madan Karia, known to many as “The Guru of Laughter Yoga”, as he leads a circle of people through his unique practice of voluntary laughing and breathing exercises. “We don’t laugh because we are happy. We are happy because we laugh”, says Karia before an eruption of surrounding giggles. Soth’s perspective is inspiring throughout. We see him grow to fully embrace the practice, experience an emotional breakthrough, and ultimately capture his desired series of ecstatic portraits.

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