360º Video Production

End-to-end Production Services

Koncept VR provides robust production services for 360 video content. Our professional team manages productions from the development of creative concepts to deployment. And our experts who specialize in 360 technology and storytelling ensure that the final product meets the client’s expectations and helps them achieve their goals.



A powerful concept drives a memorable 360 video experience. In collaboration with you, we will identify your project goals, devise a range of concepts, and establish the key story elements. We create treatments and scripts and provide pre-visualization tools such as 360 storyboards, animatics, and mood boards.


360 video brings to life the paradigm of mise-en-scène: this means that all of the action in one arc of a story is captured in all directions as a single scene. Experts in this method of storytelling are indispensable for a successful user experience: The director guides the viewer through the overall story while providing space for individual exploration within a given scene. The director of photography (DP) uses the equivalent of wide, medium, and close-up shots to tell the story visually and give the viewer maximum context within each scene.


After we establish the story and a strategy for bringing it to life, we will take care of the logistical side of production, including travel, location scouting, casting, call-sheets, and scheduling.


360 editors weave the shots and scenes together into a single, fluid, memorable user experience. Our full time, in-house post-production staff uses state-of-the-art VR tools for compositing, rotoscoping, motion graphics and color grading. Our senior staff modifies turn-key solutions into proprietary techniques and workflows to create the most stunning cinematic VR experiences.


A thoughtful strategy for getting people to view your story is absolutely crucial to your project’s success. Be it a social media campaign or a 4D VR experience for a site activation, we have you covered. We consult on best practices as well as the most cost effective way to deploy your content and reach your target audience.